Why would any Wyoming landowner continue to allow access to sportsmen?
  • Sportsmen driving off the designated road and through the rangelands and habitats

  • Sportsmen driving on closed roads in the Hunter Management Areas

  • Sportsmen shooting our Landowner Coupon box and property signs

Visiting Pathfinder Ranches

Hunting and Recreation Access

Pathfinder Ranches is home to two Hunter Management Areas (HMA) and one Public Access Fishing Area.  Public access on Pathfinder Ranches is funded by donations to the Access Yes program managed by Wyoming Game and Fish Department. To access this portion of the Pathfinder property for these specific uses, you must obtain permission from Wyoming Game and Fish using the department's website.  Information on these areas are found here:


Rattlesnake Mountain HMA

Big and Trophy Game hunting is allowed in this area that include: Antelope (Areas 68, 69, 72, 74); Elk (Areas 23, 128); and Mountain Lion (Area 16)


Lower Sweetwater River HMA

Big Game hunting is allowed in this area that include: Antelope (Area 63) and Deer (Area 87)


North Platte River - Cardwell Public Access Area

Fishing between Pathfinder Dam and Fremont Canyon is allowed within this access area.

No Access from 3/1/20 to 5/15/20

Pathfinder Ranches does not grant public access to deeded property from March 1, 2020 through May 15, 2020.  This includes antler hunting, lion hunting, predator hunting, or any other recreational access.  Pathfinder Ranches owns and manages the nation's largest sage-grouse mitigation bank, and the sale of sage-grouse credits is essential to the business operations.  During the months of March, April and May, Pathfinder Ranches is engaged in sage-grouse lek counts and associated monitoring that are critical to our management.  Additionally, Pathfinder Ranches has crucial winter range for elk, deer and antelope and seeks to limit disturbance to these animals during this time period.

Agency and Regulatory Access

If you represent a governmental agency, utility, educational institution, or non-profit organization and seek access to Pathfinder Ranches, please email us at Access@PathfinderRanches.com with the specific timing, location, and reason for your visit.  All parties visiting the ranch are required to sign a waiver of responsibility. 

Youth Hunting Access

For access for youth big game hunting for the Next Generation of Pathfinders program, please email us at Access@PathfinderRanches.com.  To begin the conversation, in your message please include the species you hold a license(s) for, the location you desire, and everyone that will accompany you on your hunt.  We are excited to welcome youth hunters to Pathfinder Ranches.

Additional Access

Phone calls or texts regarding public access requests will not be returned.  Pathfinder Ranches is not accepting additional access requests for hunting, fishing and/or recreation.  Pathfinder Ranches is not granting access for predator hunting during the 2020/2021 season.

Outfitter Access

For outfitted hunts on Pathfinder Ranches, please visit Pathfinder Outfitters (CLICK HERE)


Ranch Rules

All guests are required to abide by the Pathfinder Ranches Access Rules. Before visiting, please download and review the Ranch Rules. 

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