October 04, 2018

Public Lands Grazing Helps Ranchers and Sage-grouse, Study Says

Grazing restrictions on public lands may have unintended consequences for greater sage grouse, according to a recent study. The imperiled birds depend on habitat on both public and private lands, and much of that habitat can be lost when ranching operations go under.

August 21, 2018

Credit Calculator App now available!

Pathfinder Ranches is pleased to announce the launch of the Sage-Grouse Credit Calculator. Available on the App Store and Google Play , the Sage-Grouse Credit Calculator app provides organizations pursuing development in Wyoming with an estimated number of credits needed to comply with the offset requirements of the Wyoming Greater Sage-grouse Compensatory Mitigation Framework.


Pathfinder credits are US Fish and Wildlife Service approved and exceed Wyoming’s Credit certification requirements. Credits offset the impact of development by securing important habitat for sage-grouse, mule deer, elk, antelope and other wildlife and while maintaining ranching, open space and hunting and fishing access.


Download the app from the App Store or from Google Play


To discuss the details of a specific project, please contact Ryan Lance at

August 01, 2018

1st Ever All-New CAT UTV Sold in Wyoming to Pathfinder Ranch

Pathfinder Ranches is extremely proud of its partnership with Wyoming Machinery and CAT - great companies that facilitate oil and gas, mining and other development in Wyoming. It is fitting that the first CAT UTV was bought by the first grouse bank in the US to do good things for our livestock producers, grouse, mule deer, elk and other wildlife and facilitate development and jobs across our state.

March 02, 2018

A peer review of the Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Conservation Bank at Pathfinder

The Society for Range Management recently published a paper describing the Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat  Conservation Bank managed by Pathfinder Ranches, formerly Sweetwater River Conservancy. The paper describes why Pathfinder's approach to landscape conservation for the grouse is effective and necessary. 

December 29, 2017

Pathfinder Ranches comments on proposed revisions to the US Fish and Wildlife's Mitigation Policy and ESA-CMP

Pathfinder Ranches recently submitted comments to the US Fish and Wildlife service about proposed revisions to the agency's Mitigation and Endangered Species Act Compensatory Mitigation Policy (ESA-CMP). This letter outlines Pathfinder's support for a balanced approach to conservation of our country's natural resources and development that is supportive of local and regional economies. 

December 26, 2017

Pathfinder Ranches donation to Game and Fish provides 7,200 acres of hunting, fishing access in Wyoming

Pathfinder Ranches donates $2,250 to Wyoming Game and Fish to support hunter access. The donation, supporting the Access Yes Program, will be used to create public hunting and fishing access on private land, supporting recreational activity in Wyoming.  

December 11, 2017

Pathfinder Ranches comments on the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management Use Plan

An active participant in conversations about conservation and development in Wyoming, Pathfinder Ranches submitted comments to the Bureau of Land Management's Wyoming State Office regarding the State's plan to amend Land Use Plans Regarding Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation. 

December 20, 2017

Wyoming Based Sweetwater River Conservancy Announces Rebrand to Pathfinder Ranches, Invests in Wyoming-Focused Business Strategy

Cheyenne, WY — Sweetwater River Conservancy, the Cheyenne-based mitigation bank and conservation business has changed its name to Pathfinder Ranches. The Pathfinder Ranches brand represents the history of the 638,000-acre site located outside of Alcova (Wyoming), and the company’s commitment to contributing to the future prosperity of the state of Wyoming. Since being acquired in 2016 by Sammons Enterprises, Inc., the $86 billion global holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Pathfinder Ranches has accumulated 122,395 mitigation credits. Credits are available to businesses with a development offset requirement related impacts to the Greater Sage-grouse in Wyoming. The company’s science-based approach to conservation was reviewed by a team of government agencies and credits are sold in accordance with Wyoming’s sage grouse compensatory mitigation framework, which was adopted by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead in July 2017.

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