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Upcoming Events

Mule Deer Habitat

Location: Combs Ranch near Leo, WY

Date: Two-day event in May 2021

Registration: opens April 2021

Objective: To develop a mule deer winter food source at the southern end of the Pedro Mountains, to complement the resources of the area.

Duties: Construct wildlife-friendly fencing for a planting exclosure, plant winter forage with Dew Drop Drill, clean out irrigation ditch, reconstruct irrigation diversion

Beaver Dam Analogs (BDA)

Location: Sage Creek at Leo, WY

Date: One day event in early July 2021

Registration: opens June 2021

Objective: To enhance the pool-riffle sequence in Sage Creek to compliment the natural beaver activity. 

Duties: BDA construction, dead car removal from creek, fence repair on 101-acre exclosure area, concrete culvert removal


Appropriate COVID precautions will be taken in accordance with state guidelines. 

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