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Ella Bishop-Heil

Conservation Specialist

An environmental steward, Ella leads Pathfinder Ranches’ numerous rangeland monitoring programs and guides data-driven management to support Sage-grouse habitat conservation. She conducts annual Sage-grouse lek counts on 23 leks within Pathfinder’s boundaries, manages an extensive vegetation and habitat monitoring effort, and uses geospatial technology to collect and analyze historic and modern range data. Ella’s professional background includes sustainable agriculture and interning with Wyoming’s first and largest Sage-grouse conservation bank, Pathfinder Ranches.


Ella received a Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management at the University of Wyoming. Also a published artist, photographer, and writer, Ella contributes graphic design artwork and storytelling narratives to strengthen Pathfinder’s science communications.


Office: 307.264.2634


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