638,000 Acres Preserved in Perpetuity

Stewardship of the natural resources at Pathfinder Ranches is the primary focus of all management decisions, programs and initiatives. The management team of Pathfinder Ranches is dedicated to protecting and conserving the unique ecology, wildlife, and natural resources of sagebrush and riparian ecosystems on a landscape scale.


Open Space Preserved

The way to protect our open spaces is not to put them in needless opposition to development. The pressure for jobs isn’t going away. Here’s what we’re doing to reduce that pressure. Pathfinder Ranches maintains 638,000 acres in the middle of Wyoming as the world’s largest sage grouse habitat. That’s 30 times bigger than Manhattan. None of it is going to be developed. Companies that purchase Pathfinder mitigation credits are going to help pay the people of Wyoming to preserve this habitat. This exchange is known as mitigation banking. We’re going to nourish these open spaces for wildlife and the enjoyment of all the people of Wyoming—because we live here and love this state too.

Many Species Supported 

The sage grouse is the lead actor, but the supporting cast is equally marvelous.  Sage grouse need specific elements to survive in sagebrush country like leks and wet meadows—the same habitats occupied by hundreds of other species.  These “sagebrush-obligate” species at Pathfinder Ranches include ferruginous hawks, sage thrashers, mule deer, long-billed curlews and sage sparrows to name a few.  In fact, over 400 species rely on sagebrush country for their survival.  Promoting stewardship on Pathfinder Ranches benefits all the residents of the Great Sea of Sage.

Grazing for Habitat

Well-managed livestock grazing is a benefit to rangelands and sage-grouse habitat, and the custodianship that the ranching families at Pathfinder Ranches bring to the ecosystem is invaluable for conserving healthy landscapes. Through its four grazing associations, Pathfinder Ranches partners with seventeen local ranching families to manage the forage resources.  Grazing rotations are consistently analyzed throughout all pastures and allotments to monitor rangeland conditions.  Our ranchers practice time-controlled grazing to match grazing times and livestock numbers to the condition of the grassland resources, and rest-rotation to provide adequate rest periods for grasses and other plant communities, including endangered plants.

Our Conservation Projects

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