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Visiting Pathfinder Ranches

Regulatory Access

If you represent a governmental agency, utility, educational institution, or non-profit organization and seek access to Pathfinder Ranches, please email us at with the specific timing, location, and reason for your visit.  All parties visiting the ranch are required to sign a waiver of responsibility.

Additional Access

No public access is granted from 3/1 to 5/15 of each year.

Pathfinder Ranches does not grant public access to deeded property from March 1 through May 15 of each year.  This includes antler hunting, lion hunting, predator hunting, or any other recreational access.

During the months of March, April and May, Pathfinder Ranches is engaged in sage-grouse lek counts and associated monitoring that are critical to our management.  Additionally, Pathfinder Ranches has crucial winter range for elk, deer and antelope and seeks to limit disturbance to these animals during this time period. 

For additional access requests, please email Pathfinder Ranches at A reply to your access request is not guaranteed.

Hunting and Fishing Access

Phone calls or texts to Pathfinder Ranches regarding public access requests for hunting and fishing will not be returned.

Pathfinder Ranches has partnered with Backcountry Hunting Logistics (BHL) as the official outfitter for all lands owned by Pathfinder Ranches.  BHL offers premier hunting opportunities for elk, mule deer, pronghorn
antelope and bighorn sheep, as well as
onsite lodging at the Sand Creek Hunting
Lodge or any of the various cabins
throughout the ranches. 

All hunting and fishing requests on
Pathfinder Ranches are directed to Jake
and Justin at BHL through their website. 
Additionally, season-long unguided access is available for some species in addition to outfitted hunts.

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