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Water Leasing

Pathfinder's senior water rights within the constrained North Platte River Basin provide access to over 15.5 million barrels of water for fracking, municipal supply, industrial use, environmental mitigation and crop irrigation. 


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The Premier North Platte Basin Water Supply

Wyoming-based Pathfinder Ranches is a water supply leasing entity supporting Wyoming industries, municipalities and energy development in the North Platte River drainage. Pathfinder's senior water rights support our active agricultural operations, we have annual access to over 2,000 acre-feet (15.5 million barrels) of water per year to help meet your water supply needs.

Leverage our expertise about the North Platte River water acquisition limitations and let our team help you navigate the state's water planning and leasing clearance processes.

The Pathfinder Ranches team is knowledgeable about the regulations, decrees and endangered species programs affecting water use in North Platte River drainage (Modified North Platte Decree and Platte River Recovery Implementation Program).

Look to us to assist with water planning and the water leasing clearances necessary from the Wyoming State Engineer's Office (SEO). Contact us ►

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